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The Personal Shopper Experience

Looking for a specific item? Put our personal shoppers to the test! Simply let us know what you are looking for and the budget you have and we’ll find the best products suited to you!

What We Do For You

Almost everyone in the world will ask questions before making a purchase. "Is it good?" "Is it durable?" "Is it worth it?" Well now all will be answered in one single place. Here at The Six Star Review, we have collected thousands of reviews from everyday, down to earth, HONEST people. Giving you the high's and low's of the top products on the market.

Why you should let us shop for you

We provide a top-quality personal shopper experience that aims to maximize convenience and customer satisfaction. We have built up a reputation for providing an honest and reliable service. When you choose us to handle your shopping needs, you can be assured of prompt service delivery. We are proud to say that the majority of our customers are satisfied and message us time and again. Let us make life a little bit easier for you and free up that extra bit of time.

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